Why was Visual.is created?

For eight years I worked creating dashboards, management reports and data presentation. During this period I developed skills which are not common in the business information field, like design and computer programming.

While other analysts created basic reports in Excel without any formatting, I delivered completely customized visualizations with beautiful graphics and harmonized colors. I also created the reports faster than my peers due to my programming skills.

Nobody who works with business information is expected to be an expert in design, but beautiful quality reports generate a great response from customers and bosses. So, I started to think about developing a low-cost product which could help professionals and companies generate visualizations with high-quality graphics without any technical knowledge.

As a result, I developed Visual.is, online software to create data visualizations. I truly believe this application will help people further their businesses and careers through design and visualization best practices. This is the reason for my company’s existence. It is my “why”. It is my belief.

Try Visual.is for free and observe how information design can transform your business.

Lucas Sanroma
Visual.is, Founder

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