The Elements That Make Data Visualization Successful

Data visualization is a popular tool used by businesses today to improve their decision-making process. However, not every data visualization solution turns out to be useful and effective for businesses. There are a number of factors that make up a successful visualization solution, including aesthetics, ease of understanding and comprehension, and use of most suitable charts and tables. However, there are three main elements that are crucial to the success of data visualization but are often overlooked by businesses, which are mentioned below:

1. A Clear Framework

A good data visualization solution should always represent one single common ground to everyone viewing it. This means the data is always interpreted using a single and clear framework and represented with standard semantics and syntax. For instance, if you are using a visual to represent something, be it an event, a location or a product, make sure it communicates a meaning to the viewer through imagery, size and colors. However, the success of framework also depends on how well aware of the data viewer is. Understanding where the data comes from, its nuances, how it’s distributed and where does it have holes is imperative to the success of a data visualization solution.

2. An Understanding of Audience

Before a data visualization solution is selected and implemented, it is important to consider carefully what the actual goal of that solution is. It is basically meant to provide decision makers in a company with huge amounts of data in an easily understandable format. So, a data visualization solution can only be successful if it understands what the viewers are seeking from it. Knowing how the users would read and interpret displayed data, what they are expecting to gain from it and what type of data they’d find most useful is important to find the best solution for your business.

3. Conveying a Story

The purpose of data visualization is to educate the decision makers in the company about its performance at present. This is why successful data visualization tools always act as a strong narrative that can persuade the audience to reach a decision. They should have the entire data presented in a clear and sequential way that tells the story of the company in terms of its performance. This allows the viewers to understand, make sense of, and gain insights from the data of their company coming in from varied sources.

All these elements are crucial to make data visualization effective and successful for a company. If you are looking for a comprehensive, effective and affordable data visualization solution for your small- or medium-sized business, Visualis is a good choice for you that is specifically designed keeping the needs of small businesses in mind.

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