Data Visualization vs. Data Presentation – 3 Differences You Should Know About

If you are looking for data visualization software, there’s a fair chance you’ve read product descriptions that tell you they help you present data better. In truth, there are distinct differences between data visualization and presentation. In fact, here is a closer look at 3 differences between data visualization and presentation you should know when you’re about to purchase a data visualization software.


1. Presentation Comes After Visualization

When people talk about data visualization, you probably hear the word ‘presentation’ numerous times, correct? In essence, the 2 actually go hand in hand, an inseparable combination. However, the difference between the 2 is that presentation actually comes after visualization – a major difference between data visualization and presentation.

Imagine that you need to create a presentation for your boss which details how you plan to cut marketing costs by 15%. You are not going to go straight into the presentation are you? You need to visualize the presentation before you create it. As such, data visualization is all about planning the overall appeal of data. It’s concerned with acquiring the information you need to visualize your data, and using the tools provided to present it.


2. Visualization Helps You Create Your Story

Few people have the ability to create truly compelling stories within their data, let alone present it. When it comes to data presentation, you are, in essence, showing your audience your information and giving them the chance to interpret it as they wish. Data visualization helps communicate information easily as each visual you present is like a story.

Evidently, another difference between data visualization and presentation is the former helps you communicate information while the latter gives you a platform to display information. Remember, powerful visualization software will give you the tools you need to create a compelling story, communicate it effectively and present it beautifully.


3. Presentation Deals with Polishing – Visualization Is Crafting

We have already established that data presentation comes after data visualization. You already know that data visualization is all about using the data you have and crafting it into an easily understood manner. Since data presentation concentrates on ensuring data is displayed stunningly, it stands to reason it is concerned with polishing the final visualization and making it stand out.

As such, another difference between data presentation and data visualization is that visualization is all about crafting data into something useful while data presentation is about polishing the crafted data and making it truly stand out. Needless to say, both aspects hold immense importance when it comes to the final results.

Evidently, data visualization and presentation are 2 different yet inseparable aspects. If you are looking for the right data visualization software, you will now be able to tell the differences between visualization and presentation when you use it. You need to find data visualization software that helps you affordably create stunning data visualizations, ensuring a cost-effective solution. Keep in mind that while data visualization and presentation have their differences, one cannot function well without the other.

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