3 Reasons Why Charts and Tables Are Powerful Data Presentation Weapons


When it comes to presenting data, you want to ensure you have the right tools at your disposal not only to present the data well but to also create an impact. You need the right tools to help you visualize the story you want to tell. In today’s blog, we are going to take a look at charts and tables, including 3 reasons why they make absolutely powerful data presentation weapons:

1 – They Help Tell Your Story with Precision

If you are making a presentation, there is only so much your words will be able to tell and so much text your readers will be willing to read. Charts and tables are simplified forms of data and show precise data in a meaningful way. As such, they help you tell your story more precisely.

2 – Visualized Data Is Always Easier To Interpret Than Text

When you provide copies of your presentation or report for people to read, there is a good chance they will skip at least half of the content to get to the conclusion. This is especially true for business executives, individuals who require easily interpretable and usable data. Since charts and tables are visualized forms of data, they are easier to read and interpret, allowing business executives to interpret your information, even when you are not there to explain it.

3 – Tables and Charts Present Key Data

If you are planning to present your data, you need to present it in a form that provides key data to the people you’re sending it to. For example, the research department may want your entire report, the finance department may only require tables of numbers, while the marketing executives may only need the charts. As such, charts and tables are powerful visualization and presentation weapons because they present key data to the individuals who need them.

Evidently, chart and tables are powerful data presentation weapons. They help tell your story precisely, and in a way that is easier to interpret, understand, evaluate and analyze again. If you are a person who loves data visualization, make sure you include more charts and tables in your next presentation and you’ll make the impression of a lifetime.


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